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Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service
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Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service



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Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: Hotel Thoumieux Paris


Like so many fashionable Paris hotels, 15-room Hôtel Thoumieux is the creation of Thierry Costes, and has been designed by India Mahdavi. Situated on the Left Bank not far from the Eiffel Tower. The look of this boutique hotel definitely fits the more is more description. The 15-room hotel also includes a two Michelin star restaurant Sylvestre. We are loving this visual feast and have created a ´´shop the look for home´´ selection that brings this look to your doorstep. Location: 79, rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris, France
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Navy blue


Navy should be considered as a new neutral. Many dark tones have the tendency to feel stark and gloomy, but navy provides a well-balanced blend of richness and drama. It can warm up a place while still offering a nice contrast.  Navy makes an exceptional base color for just about any room, because it can be a beautiful complement to other warmer tones, particularly wood, brass, and brick. We have found some great inspiration and on trend decor items to bring navy blue into your home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Decorate with stripes


There are many ways to decorate with stripes. If you do not want them to overpower the room, use them as a jumping-off point for your room´s color scheme, you can than add patterns and accents in darker and lighter shades of your main color. If you do want stripes to be the focal point of your room, make them the main focus. Cover large surfaces in stripes, like a wall or the floor that way eyes will be guided toward that space. If you are not looking for bold impact, consider adding a striped detail like a striped pillow, box or lampshade. Where a vertical stripe is a more traditional way to go, they create the illusion of height, horizontal stripes are edgier and more modern, the make a room feel wider and elongate spaces. Stripes are an easy and safe way to add a graphic touch to a room.