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Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Natural rugs


Natural rugs are not that new to the interior decorating scene, but they have recently renewed their popularity. We love them because they have built-in textures and natural colors which often helps to create a blank canvas for any decor. These rugs are durable and stand the test of time, they are also great to use as a base for rug layering. Check out our picture gallery to get inspired. We have also rounded up our favorite natural rugs just for you!
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: The Chicago athletic hotel


With echoes of billiard balls, poker chips, and clinking glasses frozen within its walls, this 1890’s Venetian Gothic landmark in the Chicago Loop near Millennium Park springs back to life as an incomparable historic downtown Chicago hotel, the Chicago Athletic hotel. Roman & Williams design duo have created a gorgeously appointed new old-world style in the hotel. You’ll find a design aesthetic in rooms and suites inspired by the athletic heritage of the building—with thoroughly contemporary hotel amenities throughout. Nostalgic details remain within the spaces, quite literally, as the designers toured the initial raw space, finding paintings in the basement, trophies, dusty lighting and furniture, and abandoned athletic equipment. When hotel guests enter their rooms and suites, they’ll notice a wooden gym ladder is smartly reimagined into storage wall that’s as likely to stow a flask as a vintage self-improvement manual. A pommel horse becomes a bench, mixing easily with leather club chairs, lacquered wood furnishings, and nightstands with legs clad in a tennis racket’s leather grip. A sense of play is definitely alive in every hotel room and suite.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: Design storage


The impact of a well-chosen storage option is often overseen. Most people opt for a simple cardboard box. But with today´s wide selection of stylish options of woven and wired baskets, trendy paper bags, creative trolleys and printed boxes one should take all possibilities into account.