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Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: Above the bed decor


A question we get asked a lot is: ‘’what should I hang above my master bedroom´s bed?’’ There are obviously a lot of options; the most common one is art. There are different ways to bring art into a bedroom. You can go for a single big piece or an entire gallery wall. A mirror is another solution to this question with a wide variety of options. When you are looking to add texture, color or originality to your bedroom, hanging a blanket, rug or fabric behind your headboard might be a thing for you. When nightstand storage is limited, hanging up a shelf, displaying a selection of art, favorite pictures, books and knickknacks is a great way to add that personal touch to a bedroom. Or integrate the unexpected, a barn door, weathered architectural pieces, handwoven baskets, the list is endless. And if all of the options above are not right up your ally…You can still opt for a feature wall, in this case, forget about decor and go full frontal on a fun and eye catching wall paper. We hope that our selection of visuals and online shoppable pieces will inspire you for your master bedroom´s decor.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: Monsieur Bleu


French architect Joseph Dirand took inspiration from Art Deco glamour, Berlin modernism, the artwork of Yves Klein, and the minimalist style of Adolf Loos to create the sleek interiors for Monieur Bleu restaurant in Paris - located at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris’s edgiest contemporary-art venue. Monsieur Bleu features velvet banquettes and Eero Saarinen chairs in a refined palette of grays and sage set against marble-and-oak floors and walls clad with vintage Lalique glass panels. We love it not only for its unique décor and breathtaking setting; also the food suits the exclusive location perfectly. Location: Palais de Tokyo, 20 Avenue de New York, 75116 Paris - France
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer profile: Tara Bernerd


Tara Bernerd is known for her cutting-edge interiors all of her designs show off an approachable luxury with an industrial edge and each space possesses a masculine, and ultimately timeless, elegance. Tara works for selective clients on private projects but is also known for her multiple interior designs of hotels like Sixty Soho in NYC and Hotel Russell in Bloomsbury. Bernerd and her team strive to create a feeling of authenticity within each property by establishing a distinct design DNA that is true to both the location and the people who will make it their home. Whether in a hotel lobby, a restaurant, or a private residence, the team seek to create meaning and connection through a distinct sense of place. If you like Bernerd´s style as much as we do, check out our shoppable selection to bring this style home.