Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: The Chicago athletic hotel


With echoes of billiard balls, poker chips, and clinking glasses frozen within its walls, this 1890’s Venetian Gothic landmark in the Chicago Loop near Millennium Park springs back to life as an incomparable historic downtown Chicago hotel, the Chicago Athletic hotel. Roman & Williams design duo have created a gorgeously appointed new old-world style in the hotel. You’ll find a design aesthetic in rooms and suites inspired by the athletic heritage of the building—with thoroughly contemporary hotel amenities throughout. Nostalgic details remain within the spaces, quite literally, as the designers toured the initial raw space, finding paintings in the basement, trophies, dusty lighting and furniture, and abandoned athletic equipment. When hotel guests enter their rooms and suites, they’ll notice a wooden gym ladder is smartly reimagined into storage wall that’s as likely to stow a flask as a vintage self-improvement manual. A pommel horse becomes a bench, mixing easily with leather club chairs, lacquered wood furnishings, and nightstands with legs clad in a tennis racket’s leather grip. A sense of play is definitely alive in every hotel room and suite.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: Design storage


The impact of a well-chosen storage option is often overseen. Most people opt for a simple cardboard box. But with today´s wide selection of stylish options of woven and wired baskets, trendy paper bags, creative trolleys and printed boxes one should take all possibilities into account.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: Hotel Thoumieux Paris


Like so many fashionable Paris hotels, 15-room Hôtel Thoumieux is the creation of Thierry Costes, and has been designed by India Mahdavi. Situated on the Left Bank not far from the Eiffel Tower. The look of this boutique hotel definitely fits the more is more description. The 15-room hotel also includes a two Michelin star restaurant Sylvestre. We are loving this visual feast and have created a ´´shop the look for home´´ selection that brings this look to your doorstep. Location: 79, rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris, France
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Navy blue


Navy should be considered as a new neutral. Many dark tones have the tendency to feel stark and gloomy, but navy provides a well-balanced blend of richness and drama. It can warm up a place while still offering a nice contrast.  Navy makes an exceptional base color for just about any room, because it can be a beautiful complement to other warmer tones, particularly wood, brass, and brick. We have found some great inspiration and on trend decor items to bring navy blue into your home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Decorate with stripes


There are many ways to decorate with stripes. If you do not want them to overpower the room, use them as a jumping-off point for your room´s color scheme, you can than add patterns and accents in darker and lighter shades of your main color. If you do want stripes to be the focal point of your room, make them the main focus. Cover large surfaces in stripes, like a wall or the floor that way eyes will be guided toward that space. If you are not looking for bold impact, consider adding a striped detail like a striped pillow, box or lampshade. Where a vertical stripe is a more traditional way to go, they create the illusion of height, horizontal stripes are edgier and more modern, the make a room feel wider and elongate spaces. Stripes are an easy and safe way to add a graphic touch to a room.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Acrylic furniture


Acrylic has recently become a very popular material for furniture. It is a type of plastic that is completely clear, yet strong and durable. Adding an acrylic piece is a great was to add interest to a room, it is a focal point and modern statement in any type of interior. Acrylic furniture is visually lightweight and therefore also perfect for small spaces since they help open up a room. We have gathered some visuals that show you how well acrylic furniture blends into any type of interior and we have also made a selection of our favorite online acrylic pieces.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: Black and white photography


There is something very suiting about black and white pictures. The great thing about them is that not only can you have a wall in your house full of family fun memories, you can style your gallery wall any way you like it. Whether you choose a classically well balanced lay out, an arranged display up on a shelf, a full wall coverage or an artistically puzzled outlay, nothing is more personal and delicate than a gallery wall full of your favorite pictures. And whether you opt for your own snaps or shots of your favored celebs, in our opinion, a black and white gallery wall is always a good idea. Check out some of our favorite gallery walls and shop the look to recreate this fun idea at home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Store jewelry


Storing jewelry is always a daunting task. We suggest you think outside the box. A modern sculpture can hold your precious pieces, or a collection of vintage tea cups. Whatever your decor style, there are great alternatives to the classic jewelry box. We have gathered some of our favorites in this blogpost and hope you can find one that fits your style and needs.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Greenery


Every year since 2000, Pantone has chosen a color that reflects the contemporary cultural climate. A color snapshot of what takes place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. Ever since, the chosen color has influenced trends in all facets of design. For 2017, Pantone named `Greenery´(Pantone 15-0343) color of the year. Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. A fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality. We have gathered some of our favorite greenery emerged decors for you as well as a selection of decor items in this vital shade of green.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Marble wallpaper


Marble kitchen countertops, faux marble DIY´s and full on marble bathrooms, the latest addition to this never ending trend: marble wallpaper. The pattern brings a luxury accent to any home and it is a great way to bring a wall to life. 
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Hollywood Regency


Hollywood Regency style is known for its glamour, drama and new twist on old classics. The style dates back to the 1930s during the golden age of Hollywood. Typical Hollywood Regency style furniture tends to have rich textures with luxurious details. Modern Greek and Egyptian influences can be found in fretwork, patterns and furniture silhouettes. Also  Chinoiserie, a French term that denotes Chinese-influenced style, was very fashionable in Hollywood Regency interiors. These interiors are a mix of bold statement pieces with delicate more traditional accents. Black and white is one color scheme that anchors this style, but any bright rich colors combination in a focused color palette works. Mirrors are a must, framed mirrors, mirrored furniture or mirrored walls, anything that creates sparkle and casts light will do. This decor style will never get old and is a great way to add some glam to your everyday life.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Black rooms


Choosing black as the main color for a space is a daring thought and a visual statement for sure. Black is dramatic, stylish, and provides a grounding effect. Black walls help to tie together pieces from different eras, giving the whole room a cohesive look. But black can be used in any room, in any style.  Dark hues set the stage for texture. When your walls wear moody black, you don´t need other colors or patterns. Weathered woods, woven rattans, plush velvets, light-catching crystals and reflecting finishes like gold or silver all turn up the depth, dimension and contrast in a saturated space. Add some architectural details like crown molding, a picture rail or wainscoting to keep it from looking flat. We have gathered some inspiration for you to help you bring some moody black into your home.