Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Open shelves


We have been spotting open shelves in every room of the house lately. This trendy look helps a space look more bright and open and it is a lovely way to display favorite decor pieces. It is a great, inexpensive option to add storage space. It´s great to keep track of items and it forces you to keep clutter to a minimum. Make sure to check out our image gallery to help you organize your open shelves. And if you don´t have any yet, take a look at our online selection!
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Decorate with pattern rugs


A printed rug can most certainly add a dose of visual interest into a space. Patterned rugs come in all styles, colors and scales and can solve numerous decorating woes. Every room should have at least one focal point, and a patterned rug is a great choice for the job. Make a statement with a large scale printed rug, mix and match patterns around the room for an eclectic vibe or add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space with a bold geometric print. Layer a few one-of-a-kind flat-weave rugs over one another to introduce a bohemian flair to your home, just be sure that the color palettes of the rugs complement each other. Our selection of visuals will most certainly give you some inspiration! And when you are ready for the investment, check out our choice of patterned rugs that are online available.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Mid-Century Modern


Mid-Century modern refers to mid-20th Century developments in modern design and architecture. The furniture and decor introduced in the 1950s and 1960s were clean, sophisticated, and inclusive. Mid-century designs have remained a staple in interior architecture and are therefore still popular. Mid-century colors tend to combine darker neutral tones with saturated accent colors. Typical furniture is easily identified by straight, clean lines accented with smooth, curved angles. Rarely featuring any fancy ornamentation or upholstery. This minimalist design commonly relies on wooden construction, but can also include fiberglass or metal.  Mid-century modernism loved asymmetrical and abstract patterns. Typically, pure mid-century design does not use rustic elements such as unfinished wood or aged metal, but don’t shy away from breaking the rule if you feel creative. As with any period, do not feel a compulsion to create a replica of those times. We have made a small selection of present-day furniture and accessories with a Mid-Century modern vibe to help you re-create this look in a contemporary home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: The Franklin hotel in London


World famous designer, Anouska Hempel is known for her work in architecture, interior and furniture design, haute couture, fashion, garden and product design. She has owned, designed and managed three award winning boutique hotels (Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, The Hempel) which showcase her signature style and are produced with the highest attention to detail from the guest bedrooms to the imaginative menus. Her philosophy comes from her own lifestyle which is utopian. A fusion of west meets east pervades her design whether it is a classical or contemporary feel. The Franklin captures that rarest of city qualities: serenity. Its secluded English gardens are the perfect counterpoint to bustling Knightsbridge. The hotel combines the warmth of a private home, the impeccable service of a Grand Hotel. Location: 24 Egerton Gardens, Chelsea, London SW3 2DB, UK
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: The bar stool


Updating a kitchen can become a very expensive affair. From new counter tops to refreshing kitchen cabinets, these investments can leave a bank account very hungry. That´s why we love how some small updates can make a big visual difference. By changing up lighting, accessories and most importantly big items like bar stools, you can update your kitchen for a fraction of the cost and with huge impact. We have gathered some inspiring pictures and selected some of our favorite bar stools that are online available for you to get working on that easy kitchen update!
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: The Moroccan pouf


Whether it´s used to lift your feet, add color to your interior or bring in extra seating, there is no denying that the Moroccan pouf whims in a touch of boho style that matches any decor style. Still not convinced? Take a look at our inspirational photos and shop our online selection to bring this must-have decor item home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: Summer entertaining


There is nothing more pleasant than spending a sunny afternoon or summer evening with friends and family. When you are entertaining this summer, think a little outside of the box and take the extra time to make things cozy and leave the plastic cups behind. Think thick comfortable cushions on your outdoor chairs or just put a rug and floor cushions out around a low table and entertain middle-eastern style. And since you are going full out on your decor, keep the food simple: salads, fresh fruit and BBQ´ed meats. Stock a bar cart with summery essentials, glasses, ice and a cocktails shaker. Have everyone mix their own drink so you can enjoy the party as well. We love the idea of keeping up with a neutral color palette so the greens and flowers in your garden can be the focal point of your setting. Spread your dishes across the table so guests can help themselves. Opt for china that has some character and texture, don´t bring your finest porcelain out because chances are something will break…check out our shop the look for some suggestions and make sure to take a look at our selection of inspirational pictures to get you going!
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - How to: Modern Mykonos beach house


A Greek Island decor calls for white walls and natural elements. We love the look of today´s contemporary Greek Island inhabitants and have gathered a selection of visuals for you to fall in love with as well. All interior visions seem to have the same ground stones off woven pieces, faded wood furnishings, stiff linens and lounge chairs in common. To make the look up to date, we love how modern Scandinavian pieces are added into the mix and how blue doesn´t need to be the accent color ´´du jour´´ for this new interpreted Modern Mykonos beach look. Shop our online selection to add this look to your home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Trend: Tassels and fringes


Fresh from the runways of Paris and Milan, tassels and fringes are a hot trend in fashion, home decor is not far behind. Originally used for furniture as a way of keeping textile trims from unraveling, fringe has itself to many a decor trend – from boho pillows to Victorian lampshades. We are seeing this trend dancing from the edges of throw pillows, draping itself over lamps, weaving its way into upholstery, and even showing up in some unexpected places… And since it is all in the details, tassels and fringes bring a festive finish to a decor, they soften a modern interior and bring on a shot of nostalgia and playfulness. We have gathered a selection of inspirational images, showing you how to marry this old world detail to a contemporary home. And make sure to check out our online shoppable selection to bring this trend into your home.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer quick tip: Above the bed decor


A question we get asked a lot is: ‘’what should I hang above my master bedroom´s bed?’’ There are obviously a lot of options; the most common one is art. There are different ways to bring art into a bedroom. You can go for a single big piece or an entire gallery wall. A mirror is another solution to this question with a wide variety of options. When you are looking to add texture, color or originality to your bedroom, hanging a blanket, rug or fabric behind your headboard might be a thing for you. When nightstand storage is limited, hanging up a shelf, displaying a selection of art, favorite pictures, books and knickknacks is a great way to add that personal touch to a bedroom. Or integrate the unexpected, a barn door, weathered architectural pieces, handwoven baskets, the list is endless. And if all of the options above are not right up your ally…You can still opt for a feature wall, in this case, forget about decor and go full frontal on a fun and eye catching wall paper. We hope that our selection of visuals and online shoppable pieces will inspire you for your master bedroom´s decor.
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Loving: Monsieur Bleu


French architect Joseph Dirand took inspiration from Art Deco glamour, Berlin modernism, the artwork of Yves Klein, and the minimalist style of Adolf Loos to create the sleek interiors for Monieur Bleu restaurant in Paris - located at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris’s edgiest contemporary-art venue. Monsieur Bleu features velvet banquettes and Eero Saarinen chairs in a refined palette of grays and sage set against marble-and-oak floors and walls clad with vintage Lalique glass panels. We love it not only for its unique décor and breathtaking setting; also the food suits the exclusive location perfectly. Location: Palais de Tokyo, 20 Avenue de New York, 75116 Paris - France
Brushed & Gilded – Online Decor Service - Designer profile: Tara Bernerd


Tara Bernerd is known for her cutting-edge interiors all of her designs show off an approachable luxury with an industrial edge and each space possesses a masculine, and ultimately timeless, elegance. Tara works for selective clients on private projects but is also known for her multiple interior designs of hotels like Sixty Soho in NYC and Hotel Russell in Bloomsbury. Bernerd and her team strive to create a feeling of authenticity within each property by establishing a distinct design DNA that is true to both the location and the people who will make it their home. Whether in a hotel lobby, a restaurant, or a private residence, the team seek to create meaning and connection through a distinct sense of place. If you like Bernerd´s style as much as we do, check out our shoppable selection to bring this style home.