A classic neutral sofa is a blank canvas for decorating. By changing and swapping out surrounding furniture and decor accents, you can change the whole look in any design direction you please.

If changing out furniture is a bit too much, pillows and throws give your sofa an instant update! Utilize pillows in a wide variety of fabrics and sizes as to make the combination interesting. There used to be a lot of rules about how cushions should be positioned on a sofa, but those days are over. Whether you opt for a traditional mirroring formation or a cushion-clashing eclectic feel, the set up needs to fit your personality and esthetics.

Make use of rugs, laying a rug in front of a sofa can make a huge difference to the look of the furniture and can add coziness and interest to the whole room.

We have gathered a bunch of inspiring visuals and a selection of items that fit different decor styles to update your sofa at home.

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