The Honest Company has come a long way. The mission-driven company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, now has over 101+ safe, effective and delightful products for baby, personal care, and cleaning, the company has just expanded into a new office in Playa Vista, California, to accommodate its 450 employees.

The main focus was to make a very large open space feel cozy and sophisticated. Alba’s main objective was creating an environment where her employees are inspired creatively but can also focus on work: “I wanted many unconventional spaces that had a home vibe, but you could also plug in your computer and have meetings with multiple people. I wanted it to feel cozy and warm like a home, but still have all the conveniences of an office.”

Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone from design firm Consort, were hired to do the job. A lot of inspiration for the office was drawn from the company´s founder´s home. “This office looks very much like my home,” says Alba. I like vintage and some new things; I like luxe fabrics, but I don’t care about them being designer necessarily. I also need things that are going to be durable because I have kids and animals, and I want everything to feel cozy. I want things you can sit on and put your feet on. And I wanted that same vibe in the office.”

Since the vast office is so spread out and includes not only work spaces but a showroom of products as well. We have gathered some of our favorite places in the office and created a shop the look board to bring this vibe to your home or office. 

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